High quality teaching

Unique academy system

For many XX for graduates in the new friend, the academy dormitory of a certain conversations or hot discussion, is an important segment in memory. The academy is close small group, close communication between teachers and students, peer to grow together. All XX students can choose a college, become a part of the hospital. Each college is unique, have their own culture, but gathering together, but shaped XX university spirit.

The academy is harmonious group, each have dormitory, dining hall and other facilities. The academy emphatically holistic development, various kinds of activities, let the student for his university life added color. These activities include overseas exchange and travel plan, seminars, then plan, community service, Chinese, information technology and leadership training, there are a variety of students social organizations of extracurricular activities.

The academy provide many informal education opportunities, and normal course supplement each other, aims to cultivate students' interpersonal skills, culture taste, self-confidence and sense of responsibility. Students can make good use of scholarships and financial aid plan give full play to the potential of personal growth.

Many XX graduates said, college life is they are studying during the most unforgettable memories.

Education college

Education college course with new teaching method is famous,

The college of business 

College is the education business leader, its two colleges and four