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The main components of a term paper title page

Whether you are writing high school term papers or scholarly papers, the components must be organized in the most appropriate manner for the research paper to be effective. The title page of a term paper is the first page of the document and, for the same reason, gives the reader the first impression about the document. The points mentioned on the title page are the same for all styles, including the APA term paper format:

The title of the document

The name of the author

The course title / subject

The name of the professor

The date of submission

But the manner in which these details are organized and presented differs with the style. And if the details are not put together as per the style demands, your paper would not be considered well-formatted. The APA term paper format, in addition to the information mentioned above, also employs the use of a running head, on the title page. The running head is a portion of the complete title which indicates the generalized content matter of the paper. For example, if the title of your document is ‘The underlying causes behind the failure in controlling child trafficking in Philippines’, the running head would be ‘child trafficking in Philippines’. This running head, which would appear on the title page as well as all the consecutive pages on the top right hand corner, would serve the purpose of helping the reader stay in focus while reading through the document.

On the title page of an APA format term paper:

The running head and page number would appear on the top right hand corner.

The running head must be placed a couple of spaces below this, aligned either to the right or to the center.

The name of the author, course title, name of the professor and date of submission are to be placed centrally aligned, in the bottom quarter of the page.

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